Inaya Noire

Inaya Noire, the creative director and head instructor for Tenth Muse Dance, has been belly dancing for over seven years.  Her instructor was Sahira Zedare of Synergy Rhythm and Dance, located in Bloomington/Normal, IL.  Inaya spent four years dancing in Sahira’s Zedare’s belly dance company the Synergy Sirens, learning and performing all styles of belly dance. She has also taken workshops with Zoe Jakes, Ariellah, Sonya of Chicago, and Mahira and continues her individual studies through Rachel Brice’s online studio, Datura Online.  Inaya has been teaching belly dance for the last four years.  She taught Level 2 and various workshops at Synergy RaD and continues to instruct Level 1 Belly Dance, Level 2 Belly Dance, Belly Dance Drills and various workshops at Tenth Muse Dance.

Inaya is also the director of Tenth Muse’s dance troupe Persephone’s Circle. Many of the original choreographies performed by Persephone’s Circle are Inaya’s.

Inaya has grown to love belly dance more with each passing year and strives to share it’s benefits with the community at large.  She believes that belly dance is truly a universal dance because the dance form welcomes everybody – every gender, every age, every shape and every size.  It also provides many health benefits:  increased range of motion, core strengthening and a low impact overall workout.

Inaya focuses on providing a fun, safe, and welcoming class environment. Her classes focus on incorporating proper warm-up, technique, and cool-down to avoid injury and help her students see progress in every class.  She also teaches a short choreography in the dedicated belly dance sessions so that students can see application of the skills they are learning. Inaya is currently teaching Level 1 Belly Dance, Level 2 Belly Dance, and Drills to Improve Your Skills. She also periodically teaches workshops on various topics and techniques. She believes that belly dance should allow us to support and empower one another and incorporates this philosophy into her classes, rehearsals, and own practice.  If you have questions for Inaya, please contact her through the Contact Us form.